Preschool Room Makeover, YWCA Spryfield

The Preschool room at YWCA Spryfield has 24 children and 3 teachers, and it is busy! One of the teachers, Yuna, worked with me in that very classroom six years ago and it was wonderful to team up with her again! During our conversations with the other two teachers, Elaine and Andrea, I learned that… Continue reading Preschool Room Makeover, YWCA Spryfield

Lil’ JEMS Makeover, Preschool Room

Yarmouth has a special place in my heart. After working on the Toddler Room at Lil' Jems, I came back to finish two more rooms and to do a 2-hour workshop for home care providers. It was an awesome experience because of the awesome people who let me helped me mess up their room and put it back together.… Continue reading Lil’ JEMS Makeover, Preschool Room

Mawio’mi Toddler Room Makeover

It's been almost five years since I worked at Mawio'mi Child Care Centre as a substitute teacher, when I was still a student at NSCECE. Mawio'mi is one of the "lab schools" that are managed by the Nova Scotia College of Early Childhood Education and they often become testing sites for new and progressive ideas… Continue reading Mawio’mi Toddler Room Makeover

Work. Play. Rest.

June 29th is International Mud Day. I learned about it while building a mud kitchen at the centre where I work. To be precise, it was supposed to be a mud kitchen but somehow the project took an unexpected turn and it became a multi-purpose, all-age (including adults), gender-neutral space for working, playing, and resting.  The funny… Continue reading Work. Play. Rest.

Early Childhood Education Wellness Conference

Hi everyone,  I am back from the Early Childhood Education Wellness Conference, where I was speaking about the importance of learning environments. First, let me tell you about the conference. It was organized by Jodi Mackinnon-LeBlanc, the owner of Lil Jems Child Care Centre and Home Agency in Yarmouth, and her dedicated team (Natasha, I am… Continue reading Early Childhood Education Wellness Conference