Before and After the Classroom Makeover

Hello everybody and welcome to my new website!

I am excited to talk to you about the new service — a classroom makeover– that I offer to the early years community. 

Guiding children through the daily routine, observing and extending their play, answering their questions, reading books together is our primary focus when we are in the classroom. And if we have any time outside the classroom, we are busy with paperwork, pedagogical documentation, and professional development. 

Sure, we clean. Sure, we ask children to pick up and put away toys. And for the most part, we manage.

But are we feeling happy, relaxed, energized and inspired in our classrooms? Are we feeling joy just by looking around? Are we feeling “at home”? Does your classroom reflect who you are as a person and a teacher? What part of your environment conveys your values to everyone who comes into your space?

The new Learning Framework emphasizes well-being as one of the most important goals of early childhood education. I am convinced that learning environments have a great influence on the physical and emotional well-being of teachers and children.

Do you want to see children engaged, focused, and intrigued by their learning environment? Would you appreciate the support of your “environment as a third teacher”? Would you like to work in the space that you love

Well, we can make it happen.

So here is my offer to you: I will do the first five makeovers for free! 
In turn, I would ask for permission to post before and after photos to illustrate my work and to showcase your newly redesigned classrooms. Contact me, we will set up the time and get to work!

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