Hi there,

My name is Olha Khaperska and I love creating beautiful and functional classrooms. I am a hands-on consultant, with a solid background in early learning, a knack for design and aesthetics, and a positive attitude.

I offer workshops on inclusive, inviting, unique learning environments. In the past, I have helped teaching teams transform their learning environments based on their visions, values, and available resources.

Whether we recognize it or not, both children and adults have an emotional response to the visual clutter, colours, patterns, textures, light and overall “feel” of a classroom. A well-organized room creates a sense of well-being in those who enter.

Often ECE teams prefer their spaces to evolve gradually, making small changes, getting feedback, and adjusting the course. This approach ensures constant checking-in with children, staff, and families. It also allows environments to be responsive to children’s explorations and curiosities.

My goal is to support educators in making positive, lasting changes to their environments. When I am invited to do a classroom makeover, I work together with the teaching team to organize the classroom and find a visual language to communicate centres’ values and beliefs. We talk about what works well, we discuss challenges and find solutions. It starts with lots and lots of ideas and conversations and ends with moving things around and changing things up. It also results in vivid ‘before and after’ photos that tell the transformation story. Later, I visit the centres to check in with the team and they share reflections on their new room setup and further plans.

We know that our collective knowledge and our reflective teaching practices constantly evolve. I am taking a coaching course with Susan MacDonald, the founder of Inspiring New Perspectives, and starting my graduate program, Studies in Lifelong Learning, at Mount St. Vincent University to learn new skills and strategies to support positive change and personal growth in any form, at any pace, in any setting.

If it looks like your room could benefit from a transformation, at your own pace, get in touch and we will work together to create a learning space where everyone feels good and “at home”.

Because, look. It is possible.