As an educator, I think about the new Early Learning Curriculum Framework a lot. It is big, and I feel that it can envelop my current practice and inspire deeper thinking and reflection. This year, I signed up to be one of the Framework Facilitators and I am looking forward to discussing its implementation with other educators in the field. Here is a list of upcoming Framework training sessions and the list of previously delivered modules.

I designed these posters for our classroom to keep the learning goals and objectives visible at all times. All wording is copied directly from the Education and Early Childhood Development website, and all credit goes to the team who developed the Framework. All images are from Unsplash, with proper credits.

Both PDF and PowerPoint versions are available. The poster size is 16.53 x 11.69 inches, it can also be printed on regular paper (Letter size).

You can edit the PowerPoint version and insert your own photos (with proper permissions, of course).