Lil’ Jems Makeover, Toddler Room

And so it begins... My very first classroom makeover happened last weekend and I am thrilled to tell you about it! The post has many photos and explanations to illustrate our team's choices (and by "our team" I mean  the management, the teacher in that classroom, and myself). While the post has a "before-and-after" structure,… Continue reading Lil’ Jems Makeover, Toddler Room

Before and After the Classroom Makeover

Hello everybody and welcome to my new website! I am excited to talk to you about the new service -- a classroom makeover-- that I offer to the early years community.  Guiding children through the daily routine, observing and extending their play, answering their questions, reading books together is our primary focus when we are… Continue reading Before and After the Classroom Makeover