Consulting Services

A beautiful classroom is welcoming and inviting. It tells a story of the people who spend their time in it — co-existing, co-learning, and co-creating. A beautiful classroom provides a balance of group and individual activities, it is full of intriguing objects that invite naturally curious children to explore and make meaning. Let’s get your team on-board and talk about your core values, your Image of a Child, your teaching philosophy, and your classroom transformation ideas. 

learning environment workshops

Classroom environment and sensory systems. Classroom culture and visual messages. Learn to analyze, minimize, and emphasize the effects of the environment and apply it to your practice. Receive a certificate with PD hours. 

  • environmental stress
  • well-being and visual order
  • routines that flow
  • invitations to play
  • storage magic
  • visualize your values
  • cultural sensitivity, diversity and inclusion
  • pedagogical documentation

one day classroom makeover

Imagine your classroom transformed in a day… to become more functional and beautiful.

  • classroom structure re-designed for easier navigation
  • learning centres clearly defined
  • toys and materials arranged in self-explanatory manner to simplify cleaning
  • visual accents added to create a new “feel” for the room

display and storage solutions

Sometimes a messy shelf says more than a vision statement. Does your classroom speak for itself?

  • shelving and storage areas added
  • classroom items are sorted and organized
  • materials are arranged to support the work flow and traffic in the classroom
  • attractive material displays created to convey your values

home care makeover

This service is tailored for the busy home care providers  mindful of their budget.

  • multi-age learning environment
  • loose parts and natural materials for all ages
  • materials organized and displayed
  • invitations and provocations added

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